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Life After CTRAC

Resolution of symptoms could range from one week to six weeks in the worst of cases, people have used C TRAC throughout their lives in many different ways.

During the Research project, published in the Journal Of Hand Therapy 20th Anniversary Edition about C TRAC in January 2007, (see research). Some subjects were followed at year 3 of the project. The information gathered was not published in the article. Subjects had kept the device, most were using the device when they felt the symptoms were coming back to their lives. Of the subjects that have purchased C TRAC after the trial, some have kept using C TRAC monthly mainly due to fear of recurrence of symptoms. So even though there are no specific instructions on how to proceed, Carpal Doctors recommend to keep C TRAC handy in case of symptom recurrence, use C TRAC as per the instructions until the symptoms resolve again. If subjects prefer to use C TRAC prophylactically, it is acceptable.

One of the C TRAC inventors’ wife has had Carpal Tunnel syndrome three times in the last six years, the same principle applied, she used C TRAC for several sessions each time and had complete resolution of symptoms. Research has proven that CTS is a recurrent condition. Even people who have Carpal tunnel Release surgery have recurrence, the only problem is that after surgery, there are very few options, except another surgery, medications and many occupation therapy sessions. A published article in the Journal of Hand Therapy concluded that 52% of subjects who have Carpal tunnel Release Surgery develop recurrence of symptoms after 2 years.

The recurrence of symptoms has been clearly explained in literature and by the marketplace as well. Other companies that sell over-the-counter, disposable products for the treatment of CTS also sell a maintenance supply of treatments in order to prevent full-blown CTS recurrence. Our company could not find their peer-reviewed, published research to investigate their subjects symptom recurrence. C TRAC is just put away to be used only if symptoms ever come back or as a preventative, whichever is preferred.


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