Research and Studies

C TRAC has been tested in two clinical trials.

The graph shows the decrease in pain, tingling and numbness after four weeks using C TRAC.

The results of this research study were published in the Journal of Hand Therapy in 2009.
Read the full article here.

Another research study done by the Workers Compensation System in Puerto Rico corroborated the success in treatment of CTS with CTRAC as evidenced in this abstract. The original study was repeated by them in order to certify the results of our initial study. They received similar results including decreases in patient symptoms.

Important points about this study:

  1. This is a true clinical trial performed at a Medical Center in NYC, NY.
  2. All of the patients in this study had tried multiple conservative therapies which failed.
  3. Most had been recommended to have surgery. They were not interested in surgery.
  4. None of the patients lost work days because of CTS during the study period (7 months).
  5. The decrease in symptoms was dramatic in the first 1-3 weeks for all the patients, mild, moderate and severe. After 4-6 weeks most patients had no symptoms.
  6. At the 7 month follow-up, over 90% had no symptoms with minimal to no maintenance!
  7. Download the FULL RESEARCH to look at the graphs of how the pain, tingling, numbness and times woken up at night changed. All the Graphs and Data Tables are at the bottom of the research. You can print the research and share it with your physician, he will appreciate the information.