Success Stories

You’ll notice that many of the testimonials below are from nurses and clinical staff … but why?

The doctors who invented CTRAC are practicing physicians in close contact with nurses. After word quickly spread about the effectiveness of the CTRAC treatment, nurses were the first to try it. They have continued to recommend C TRAC to their patients, and on and on it goes. We supposed they didn’t want to have surgery either!

I am so grateful you invited me to your research study. I did not want surgery since I know it is a 50/50 chance of improvement. But I was about to give up and was about to call my primary care doctor to send me to a surgeon. I was diagnosed with severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had symptoms for four years total and specifically three years of sleeping difficulty prior to using C TRAC. I know you want a short testimonial but I have to say that my sleeping was better after the third week of treatment and by the fourth week I was
completely better. Now three years later, I only use C TRAC about once every three months because I don’t want the symptoms to come back. I am a typist and my job depends on my hands.
Avatar Althea C. Brooklyn, N.Y.
I can’t stop blessing Dr. Porrata. I don’t know how many people from my office have used C TRAC because everywhere I go I talk about the brace. This has been like a miracle. I was diagnosed with having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both hands by a neurologist. He did the uncomfortable EMG test which has electrical currents run through your hands. My hands and my left arm were completely numb all the time. The numbness sensation is very traumatic because I thought there might be something worse happening with my hands. The pain would wake me up at night so I was always tired (and so was my husband). I’ll be very honest … my hands were in such bad shape that I did not have much hope that something so simple, completely non-invasive and easy to use would make all my symptoms disappear. I had to stop working for four months because of my condition. When I saw Dr. Porrata and he explained how the brace works, I thought, “I have nothing to lose.” I started using C TRAC and after just nine days, the pain stopped waking me up at night. The numbness started going away, and thanks to God and Dr. Porrata, I have had NO symptoms since then.I always say that God is great and good because he allowed the Drs. Porrata to invent something so amazing and simple. The next step for me was to have surgery, and C TRAC has been a blessing. We forget how much we use our hands and how wonderful it is to live without pain, until your pain is gone. C TRAC works. It worked for me. No surgery, no symptoms. I have been back to work for months now after four months without being able to function. A million thank yous!!
Avatar Marisol P. Plantation, FLA.
To whom it may concern:
This is my voluntary testimonial about C TRAC. I work as a nurse at a surgery center. Ten years ago, my hands were tingly, numb and very painful. My primary physician said I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He gave me Resting Hand splints to sleep with, in each hand! He gave me anti-inflammatory medicines and sent me to physical therapy. It got better.

A few months later, IT CAME BACK. More anti-inflammatories, hand splints for sleep again, more therapy. More tingling, more sleepless nights, more pain. After a few months with symptoms, it would get better but would come back. This went on for years. I was told I needed surgery on multiple occasions.

I work at a surgery center; that is one surgery I am NOT having. The surgeon insisted that I had no choice. He wanted to operate.

A new physician in the center saw me with the hand splints and offered help. He got me a C TRAC. I used it for six weeks as per the instructions (5 minutes each hand, 3 times a day). Amazingly I have not had symptoms since then. I use my hands much more and the pain, tingling and numbness do not occur.

I recommend it to everybody. Thanks for an awesome product.

Avatar Pam Day Surgery Center Nurse
My name is Marta Ruiz and I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from being a Scrub Tech for 30 years. The discomfort and numbness as a result of this was driving me toward surgery. My doctor recommended the C TRAC, and I started using it as directed. Within 48 hours, I saw a great improvement. Within two weeks, my symptoms were almost gone, and now I am 100% better.
I now have no discomfort or numbness, and it has been two years. I only have to use the device once every two to three weeks as maintenance to prevent the symptoms from returning. I would recommend this device instead of surgery. It is easy, convenient and it works.
Thank you.
Avatar Marta Ruiz Operating Room Nurse
A few months ago I had surgery on my left hand. Before deciding to undergo surgery on my right hand I decided to try C TRAC. I have completed the six-week program. The recovery was slow at the start, but now I have strength on my right hand which I had lost completely. Numbness and tingling have been reduced to a bare minimum. I can pick up coins from a table and button my clothes. I do not have any pain on my right hand.
Avatar Marvin B. Tamarac, FLA., Retired
The last thing I ever thought I would get was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But after having a baby six months ago, my right middle finger started getting numb at night. I didn’t even realize I had CTS until one night that I had to get up and feed my baby that I could not feel the fingers on my right hand, and I could hardly feel my hand. I would try shaking it and rubbing it so that I would get the feeling back quickly, but it would take a while. I felt completely incapacitated since I do most everything with my right hand and have a newborn at home. My symptoms got so bad that the pain around my wrist and in my hands and the numbness in my fingers would wake me up every night. Not only was I getting very little sleep with a newborn, now I had this horrible condition to deal with. It was hard picking up my daughter, holding her bottle, and buttoning her buttons. I didn’t think I would make it through another day. I would never have surgery on my hands. That was not even an option for me. Then I found C TRAC. I started using it as recommended and within one week,
the pain had decreased incredibly and the numbness/tingling had diminished. I used the brace for the whole six weeks, just to be on the safe side, even though by that point I had no symptoms. I have been symptom-free for four months, even though I still use my hands in the same repetitive motions daily. I can’t thank the doctors enough for inventing this product. It is easy to use, non invasive, and it works.
Avatar G.V. Miami, FLA.
I wanted to tell you the wonderful results that I personally have had with the C TRAC. I work in the poultry industry where musculoskeletal problems are an everyday occurrence. I have one partner who has been with the company for 15 years. She was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in 2001 and refused the release surgery, electing to wear braces to decrease her pain. She came to me four months ago with pain that she could no longer bear. I started her on the device on August 5, 2005, and by August 19, 2005, (two weeks) she could already sleep through a whole night without waking up from the pain of her wrists, forearms and elbows. She is using the same device to do her right and left hands. The device was priced reasonably, so I gave her the device so that there would never be a break in treatment. She uses the device for five minutes on each hand three times a day, Sunday through Saturday. She has four children and is still able to find 10 minutes at home to use the device. I have had wonderful results thus far.

I decided to use this device through talking to other nurses with my company. They told me that it was wonderful for people who actually use the device as directed.

Avatar Baranda Hermosillo Pilgrim's Pride
This is to inform you of the results I obtained using your C TRAC for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I am a nurse in a pain clinic and I play cards and bingo multiple times a week. Approximately 10 months ago, my hands started to become numb, tingly with a lot of pain. It would wake me up at night. I could not sleep.

I saw a neurologist who did a nerve conduction test (what a painful test!). He told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both hands. He gave me a hand splint; I couldn’t sleep with the thing on my hands. I had hand therapy; it didn’t help. I was taking Motrin for the pain; that upset my stomach. This kept on going for months.

A friend recommended I use C TRAC and told me to stop everything else. I got one through a physician in the area. I started using the C TRAC for 5 minutes, 3 times a day in each hand as recommended. At one to two weeks I was sleeping again all night. I was happy to stop the Motrin (my stomach needed a break!). From there on, the pain, tingling and numbness just kept disappearing. After three weeks I barely had symptoms. I never stopped playing cards or work.

It has been nine months since I used it, and still no hand pain, tingling or numbness. This is a great product. It is good to know if it ever happens again it is in the drawer.
Thanks a lot.

Avatar Wendy Filowitz Nurse
I have been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many years. I have tried a few different treatments throughout the years, with only temporary relief at best. Some days are worse than others, often having my sleep disturbed and having to live with pain on a daily basis. I was left to believe that there was no real relief, except an operation I was offered about 10 years ago. Then, I was offered C TRAC. I have been doing home treatments for about two months and I must say I am very pleased with it and I feel a great amount of relief.
Avatar Carmen M. Brooklyn, N.Y., Outpatient clinic
I do not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but I want you to have my testimonial. My wife has had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many years, and I know when she wakes up at night because I have been waking up as well. Since she has used C TRAC, I have noticed that she does not wake up at night, and therefore I am not waking up either. Just wanted to say thanks!
Avatar Michael B. Brooklyn, N.Y., Husband of an outpatient clinic nurse