How CTRAC works

What makes CTRAC so effective is that is produces a stretching or traction force along the carpal ligament, thus elongating the ligament.

  • CTRAC has a C-shaped frame with an air bladder inside the frame where the back part of the hand rests. When the device is placed in the hand, and the bladder is inflated, a three-point force is applied to the hand – one force in the back of the hand and two opposite forces in the front of the hand. The orientation of these forces, and their direction of pull, produces a stretching force along the carpal ligament

  • Understanding that the fibers of the carpal ligament go across the hand, the inventors of the device, Dr. Humberto Porrata and Dr. Alejandro Porrata, designed the device to correctly stretch them across the hand in order to elongate the ligament.

  • Stretching these fibers for just five minutes, three times a day for four to six weeks, at the recommended amount of force, elongates the carpal ligament and produces an increase in the cross sectional area of the carpal tunnel.

  • That’s why surgeons “cut” the carpal ligament. They call it a “Carpal Ligament Release.” What is attempted with surgery is to open the carpal tunnel, too. But there is no need to undergo surgery to take the pressure off the median nerve with CTRAC.

  • CTRAC has proven that cutting the ligament is not the only way of releasing the median nerve. You can decrease the symptoms of CTS simply and easily by stretching the carpal ligament with the CTRAC device.

  • The amount of force and the length of time used to stretch the carpal ligament with CTRAC has been studied and tested in a large numbers of patients in clinical trials. This testing produced the current recommendations for use.

  • CTRAC is not disposable. You can use CTRAC over and over again. If some of your
    symptoms at a later point in time, your CTRAC will be there. There was minimal to no recurrence of symptoms seven months after using CTRAC (read research, read instructions, read maintenance).

  • The amount of stretching force produced by CTRAC has been clinically proven to be safe, gentle and effective. The force is consistent from one application to the next. Most patients obtained significant results within three weeks of use. Results may vary.

CTRAC – Non surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


CTRAC is an FDA cleared medical device that offers a non-surgical treatment option for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

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Product Description

C-TRAC works by stretching the carpal ligament avoiding the need of surgical correction. C TRAC works on both hands, you do not need to buy one for your right hand and another for your left. The therapy takes 5 minutes, 3 times a day, for 4-6 weeks. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome patients do not need to use this wrist treatment while working or sleeping. Many physicians are recommending their patients to use this treatment before considering surgery.

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